What Stakeholder Manager can do for you

IBM® Stakeholder Manager helps you find and manage key stakeholders. This IBM® Watson Health™ tool gives you access to the largest stakeholder data set available – more than 2.5 million Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and market access profiles from more than 195 countries.

Stakeholder Manager uncovers connections between professionals and gives you clinical and market access insights through interactive maps, logically-structured views and advanced analytics. You can easily assess stakeholder value based on user-specified criteria. You also gain the ability to manage your stakeholder interactions through planning and tracking activities.

IBM Stakeholder Manager

Create maps

Using filters, create , regional and local network maps that help you understand connections between KOLs, how they collaborate and which networks work best for various engagement strategies.

Easily perform segmentation

Apply weights to various profile elements to segment KOLs into tiers – selecting those who best meet your business needs. You define the criteria and the KOLs are scored.

Use competitive intelligence reporting

Stakeholder Manager highlights KOLs involved in competitive activities such as grants and sponsored speaking events using an algorithm-based approach.

Keep information safe and secure

The platform can be configured to your internal security needs and can be accessed through a login page. Redundant system back-ups are included.

Gain mobile access

Online and offline access provides flexibility to on-the-run users ensuring that critical KOL data can be available to them as needed.

Customize your engagement planning

Build and implement custom engagement plans and interaction templates that can allow internal users to create and report against strategic and tactical goals.

Four reasons why you should use IBM Stakeholder Manager

  • Timely information with a reach
  • In-depth stakeholder profiles
  • Advanced analytics for better decision making
  • Scale as needed