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Genomic Data for Oncology Research Available in Literature

By Truven Staff

Kathleen Foley imageData. Most of us in research are data-hungry and data-greedy. When we can’t get our hands on a certain piece of data our eyes start roaming, looking for the nearest match, like a teenage boy ravaging the fridge for the tenth time in a day. We will grab anything that resembles data, although we typically crave the hardcore, quantifiable, number-crunching data we’re used to, especially in cancer research. It’s funny, though, how in our hunger-driven craze, we can be blind to obvious sources of data.

Today, oncology researchers are all scrambling for genomic data. It’s the single most common data question I get from researchers. But genomic data are not yet available in most secondary data sources, such as administrative claims data or HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records. How then can we begin to explore the role of genomic information in cancer research? As Talia Foster points out in her opinion brief, Oncology Literature Reviews Reach a Tipping Point in Genomic Assessment, the literature is a readily available source that is prime for exploration.

The literature is a versatile source of information on genomic markers in cancer. It can be analyzed both qualitatively, as well as quantitatively, and as Ms. Foster points out, it can address a variety of questions. Rather than wait for our typical sources of cancer data to fully incorporate genomic data, we can access the genomic literature today. By leveraging this powerful and rich source of data, we can not only begin to address many of the questions about the role of genomic assessment in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment response, the prevalence of various mutations and real world use of targeted agents, but we can also begin to plan new research studies that will help us in our search to get the right treatments, to the right patients, at the right time. Are you looking for genomic data? Perhaps the time is right for you to think about the literature for your next data venture.

Kathleen Foley
Senior Director, Strategic Consulting (Life Sciences)


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