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Ensuring Success in the Health Plan Marketplace

Thursday, September 4, 2014
discussed the impact of competitive health insurance markets on the cost of purchasing health insurance, particularly via Marketplaces. Health plans are just beginning to understand and create market-based products tailored for consumer needs and market competition. Competition motivates health plans to improve value and align consumer needs with products and services, resulting in the consumer benefits of lower premiums and additional services and coverage.

As part of the retail and complex channel strategies for health plans, aligning consumer needs (provider network, out-of-pocket-costs, and service coverage) with their products becomes increasingly important, as does ensuring appropriate consumer education on plan design choices, cost transparency, and engagement in healthcare. Health plans that can manage these aspects when offering products in the new Marketplaces will have greater success – gaining more consumers and keeping them for the long-term.

Anita Nair-Hartman
Vice President of Market Planning and Strategy


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