Client success stories

IBM Watson Health is working with professionals across the globe to tackle some of the world’s most pressing health challenges. With our data, analytics, and AI solutions, clients are transforming their clinical decision-making, accelerating drug research and discovery, optimizing performance, and engaging consumers. Read about their successes now.

Methods to address and measure challenges

Developing sound comparison standards is a critical part of the process to identify performance improvement opportunities in health systems, hospitals and departments. The comparison group method is the traditional approach health systems employ to set operational benchmarks for performance evaluations. The criterion selected for the benchmarks is based on what the health system determines to […]

Adding evidence-based data uncovers opportunities

How are we doing? This question is loaded with possibilities for health systems that are on a continual hunt for ways to improve operational performance. It is critical that administrators are able to understand the current status of their health system’s performance as well as recognize emerging trends to accurately identify areas that are performing […]

Power to the patient: A new era in cancer care

Stakeholders across Europe aim to bring more meaning to the term “Patient-centred” healthcare. A recent survey of European Union (EU) citizens found that 70% of respondents want to see more EU action in healthcare, indicating that well-being is a top priority. Will this movement also drive cancer transformation? Experts gathered to discuss current issues in […]

6 ways a VNA can reduce imaging costs

Medical imaging is one of the most costly components of patient care. Data from the American College of Radiology indicates that diagnostic imaging accounts for 10 percent ($100 billion) of total annual healthcare costs¹. At least part of these staggering costs can be attributed to the fact that so many exams simply shouldn’t have to […]

Can artificial intelligence and emerging technologies help to improve the delivery of health, social care and social security services?

Imagine a theoretical, but possible case of Elizabeth, a 48 year old woman, whose occupation is one that includes a high percentage of driving each day. She suffers from chronic type 2 diabetes and has been told that an amputation is now necessary. She is a single mother with a five year old son, and […]

Hardin Memorial Health debuts new AI solution for radiologists

When radiologists at Hardin Memorial Health needed more patient information while reading an imaging study, they faced a common frustration: the EHR is cumbersome and difficult to search. But after becoming the first client to “go live” with IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, the radiologists at Hardin can now use the power of AI to […]

Making the Promise of Smarter Health a Reality

Improving health is the challenge of our era. No other facet of human existence has been so rich with science, technology and investment, yet so strained by complexity, convention and misinformation. It is only in the world of health that we can read about the second case of an apparent HIV cure[1] right alongside a […]

IBM Child Welfare Solution as a Service – A game changer!

Building a new child welfare application is complex. There are many processes needed to keep a child safe and provide the right resources to help support the family. Getting this right for the case workers is key in order for a project to be a success and provide a solution that supports the needs of […]

Five ways AI supports key drug research decisions with unstructured data

Ingesting and analyzing millions of documents in seconds, AI is able to construct dynamic, comprehensive networks of relationships between a wide variety of concepts across a vast corpus of data to provide the inclusive view needed to make informed decisions.

The state of telehealth, and its role in the fight against opioid use disorder

Telehealth is ready to take center stage. Telehealth is in the fight against opioid use disorder. But are consumers and healthcare providers ready to start giving and receiving care via their computers and smartphones, and are private health plans ready to pay for it? Based on recent media reports tracking sentiment toward the technology, telehealth is definitely on an upward trend

Success story: Health Quest

By using the Watson Health suite of population health management solutions to consolidate disparate data from across practices and departments, Health Quest was able to identify gaps in care, track individual touch points, and refine its process of care to improve system-wide population health.

Testing blockchain technology for clinical trials in Canada

By: Dr. Uli Brödl, Vice President, Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. The healthcare industry is undergoing significant changes due to the vast amounts of disparate data being generated. There is a huge need for transformative healthcare solutions where healthcare researchers, providers, and patients have access to a 360-degree view of health data. […]