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By Truven Staff

Patient Centric Care Teams Keep Patients Well

Carol Alexander imageComplementary to the “” is the team approach of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) - not a new concept, but a model that fulfills healthcare reform goals by focusing on making the patient centric in the delivery of health care.   Much like the Hospital at Home, the PCMH provides primary care at a community level, actively allowing the patient and their family to participate in their healthcare decisions. It too shows strong results.

The Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative has monitored the performance of various PCMH models throughout the country and in 2012 published a report of the positive outcomes the initiatives are experiencing including, reduced emergency department events, reduction in hospital admissions, lower inpatient days, and lower readmissions.   The chronically ill patient benefits from a care team made up of physicians, navigators, social services, and others in the medical neighborhood that focus on keeping the patient well, satisfied, and out of the hospital.
Carol Alexander
Senior Consulting Manager