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Congratulations to the 2016 Advantage Award Winners

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

At our annual customer conference last week, I had the honor of presenting the 2016 Advantage Awards to clients who documented significant results from projects that required innovative thinking and analytics, and produced greater value in healthcare.

(GaHIN) was the overall winner this year. GaHIN created a “network of networks” wherein patient information remains with the treating provider and flows only when there is authorization. Caregivers can now instantly access information from a multitude of sources through their EMR, enabling more informed decisions about treatments and avoiding unnecessary, expensive tests.

In addition to the overall winner, the following organizations were honored with Advantage Awards for their impressive results:

  • : achieved reduced lengths of stay and cost savings from a systemic commitment to greater quality.
  • : reduced readmissions through near-real time analytics and by improving the transition of care from hospital to home.
  • : exceeded enrollment goal by enabling members to understand their likely costs if they switched to the CDHP or stayed in a PPO.
  • : used analytics to understand costs of various treatments for lower back pain and to identify targeted intervention opportunities.
  • : turned a negative margin positive and improved patient satisfaction, with pervasive quality-oriented management.
  • : reduced invoice-to-claim discrepancies by over million by automating the comparison process.
  • : realized over M in cost reductions by guiding all departments to operate off standardized definitions, metrics, benchmarks and goals.

We support our clients’ commitment to building greater value in healthcare with our expanding range of solutions and services; we anticipate that as part of IBM Watson Health we will be able to provide ever more compelling solutions to the evolving challenges facing healthcare across the U.S. and ly.

Our congratulations to the success of all this year’s Advantage Award winners.

Mike Boswood
President and CEO
Truven Health Analytics