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IBM Watson Health and Truven Health Analytics: Joining forces to improve health outcomes and advance value-based care solutions

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Today, IBM announced its plan to acquire Truven Health. Once the acquisition closes, Truven Health will help IBM continue to build an unparalleled array of healthcare capabilities to help improve health outcomes, control costs, and advance value-based care.

Upon completion of the acquisition, IBM’s health cloud will house one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of health-related data and the ability to apply cognitive tools to obtain previously unavailable insights. Additionally, IBM is well positioned to scale ly and to build leading-edge solutions designed to help clients succeed in a value-based care environment.

The Truven Health team looks forward to combining our expertise with Watson Health. Why? Because it can catapult the industry forward to transform healthcare and improve lives.

You can find more information . I look forward to working with Watson Health to deliver more value to our customers and ultimately, to patients. 

Mike Boswood
President & CEO