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Big Data and Analytics: Getting Past the Hype to Real Value

Monday, March 24, 2014

Anita Nair-Hartman imageAs a health plan in today’s complex and challenging environment, it’s easy to get your head turned by promises of Big Data and new analytic techniques. After all, you’re facing an immediate need for information and analyses to successfully manage your business. Big Data must be the answer, right?

 The best answer is “maybe.” The new data sources and analytic techniques just might hold the answers you’ve been looking for. Then again, the answers you need might have been right in your backyard all along. The question is, How do you get past the “Big Data hype” to find the sound data sources and smart analytic methods that will help you meet your goals?

The bottom line is that unless you know how these new tools and techniques can help you make better decisions, they won’t be useful to you. Before you jump to the “next big thing,” be sure you’ve fully explored the value in the data you already have.

Anne Fisher image“Next Generation” healthcare analytics can help you make better decisions — but only if the new tools, techniques, and science are combined with good data and a deep understanding of the business environment. Properly leveraged, the most promising analytics will help you respond to today’s rapidly changing business environment and enable you to thrive under reform, control costs, engage your consumers, and make the best or your new provider relationships. Intelligent application is what matters.

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Anita Nair-Hartman, Vice President of Market Planning and Strategy
Anne Fischer, Director of Healthcare Analytics